Despite the war, we are leaving this format of work with the city's communities.

Now is the time to come to the museum corporately, because our curators will be able to meaningfully explain why modern russia continues to try to degrade Ukrainian culture. This is a non-standard format for the development of corporate culture. It helps unite employees based on interest in art, the history of Odessa and Ukrainian art, as well as the development of creative and critical thinking.

We have left here all the formats of visits that were available until February 24, 2022, but not everything can be implemented in the absence of the exposition. We will always be able to make a craft offer just for your community.

For companies

Corporate visit to the museum

Periodic visits to the museum develop the skills of concentration, observation, and attention to detail.

It helps to focus more quickly and delve into the context more effectively.

Analyze and see the relationship between the development of society and art history.

By visiting the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, you help the museum improve and implement new large-scale exhibition projects.

Our scientists’ team developed a variety of tours, which we offer to visit in a particular sequence:

Full Guided tour of the exposition

This guided tour will focus on the main exposition of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, emphasizing the paintings.

Guided tour to the grotto

Guided tour to underground voids-basements under the palace, where the museum is located.

Special offer

Guided tour at night

Curated guided tours to exhibitions

Guided tours to the exhibitions

Part 1. Introduction


The Society of Fine Artists was founded by the progressive community of the city


Potocki Palace on Sofiivska 5a was purchased by Mayor Hryhoriy Marazli and handed over to the city


The City Museum of Fine Arts was opened in the palace


The Odesa Fine Arts Museum has become the most visited museum in the country


The coolest museum in the country

Our guided tours

«OFAM, nice to meet you»

What is this: Full guided tour to the main exposition of the museum with an emphasis on the paintings – this is the first acquaintance with the museum. During an hour and a half excursion, you will follow the development of art from XXI to XX centuries in a chronological sequence.

As a result: you will understand how that period’s art evolved and restricted the principal art movements.

Duration: 90 minutes

«Art of the mind: the sculpture in the Odesa Fine Arts Museum»

What is this: A full guided tour to the main exposition of the museum with an emphasis on the sculptures. During this excursion, you will get to know more about this form of art, and also about the brightest sculptors of Odesa.

As a result: A full understanding of the sculpture of the main exposition of the museum will be formed.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Guided tour to the grotto

What is this: Excursion to one of the remaining underground basements in Odesa, open for visitors, located underneath the palace, where the Odesa Fine Arts Museum is located.

As a result: You will get to know the palace’s history and its owners and visit a unique dungeon.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Guided tour to the renewed exhibition of icons

What is this: The excursion is based on the icon collection of OFAM. The central piece of the exhibition is the most valuable exhibit of the collection – icons of the circle of Dionysius, an extension of the tradition of Andrii Rublev.

As a result: You will get to know what an icon is, not in a sacred sense, but from an artistic point of view. Why icon art is a crucial part of the development of art and the difference between Ukrainian icons and European ones

Duration: 60 minutes.

Part 2. Level up

Now that you are well acquainted with the main exposition of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. Next, we suggest you go to visit our current exhibitions. Next, we suggest you go to visit our current exhibitions. The detailed scientific work of researchers precedes each exhibition project in the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. As a result, we have the opportunity of broader and deeper coverage of a particular artistic period or the work of a specific artist. Range of the relevance of the topic and understanding of the context, substantiation of the creative work of artists, a balanced approach to the formation of the exhibition — all this will become more understandable and receptive when visiting a curatorial tour.

Part 3. Let's get acquainted

And now we offer you a choice of various authors’ guided tours from our scientific department, which you can choose based on topics of interest to your team. Such excursions are an opportunity to get acquainted with works of art informally and learn the guide’s attitude toward this or that work. It is about live emotional communication, a chance to study more deeply familiar works, look at them from a new point of view, and learn about those works of art that are not covered during full guided tours.

Author's excursions

Sea is inside

What is this: The Excursion is based on the artworks by marine artists in the exposition of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. We will introduce you to the most impressive artworks and tell exciting facts from the artist’s biographies.

As a result: You will get to know more about the landscape genre and its variation – marine paintings. You will understand why Ivan Aivazovskiy is called «great» and many other marine artists that we are proud of.

Duration: 60 minutes.

#HerStory: beyond the men's worldview

What is this: The excursion is based on the female artists in the exposition of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. For many centuries women were the silent majority. We propose to look at women not only as they are muses and inspirations. From the point of view, they are «behind great men’s backs,» but as women patrons, artists, and revolutionary persons.

As a result: You will get to know how a suit freed women but imprisoned their bodies, how literature formed new ideals of womanhood, what was on the mind of women from different periods, and what they dreamed about.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Part 4. A different view on the familiar things

Some authors’ tours use cycles – so we offer to look at the same topic from different angles and points of view, of course, on the example of our main exposition.

Festive cycle

What is this: Cycle of excursions dedicated to different holidays and celebrations, and consists of:

1. Snuggled up: festive costumes.
2. Set the table: dinner.
3. Had some fun: holidays entertaining.
4. Charmed: mystical stories.
5. Loved: erotic stories.

As a result: You will get to know the traditions of celebration at different times, how people dressed, what they cooked, what their entertainment was, and what rituals they followed. All of that from a perspective of different eras, art movements, and ethnic groups.

Duration of every separate excursion: 40 minutes.

Amorous cycle

What is this: Cycle of excursions dedicated to love in the Odesa Fine Arts Museum’s exposition, and consists of:

1. Love and passion.
2. Love and hate.
3. Love and relationships.
4. Love and flirt.
5. Love and romance.

As a result: You will get to know how love was depicted in different times, what degree of openness artists executed and what stories lay behind one or another love scene in the exposition.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Multicolored cycle

What it is: a series of tours, each of which is dedicated to a specific color in the exhibition. Thus, we offer to learn to “read” a picture through colors – without focusing on the plot or biography of the author, we will try to understand how and why the artist works with a particular color.

As a result: look at the already familiar works from a new angle, learn more about color, the symbolism of colors, the role that color played in the work of individual artists, and even entire artistic directions and artistic associations.

We offer the following colors: white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black.

Duration:45-60 minutes.

Part 5. Special offer

Guided tour at night

What it is: a tour of the first floor and grotto of the museum after it’s closed — with the lights off, using electronic candles and flashlights. In such a situation, a trip to the museum becomes mystical and even a little intimate — during it, you will learn the most secret museum stories.

*At your request, we can conduct a separate tour of the first floor or grotto. We will calculate the cost additionally.

We can also «revive» the paintings from the exposition:

«Romeo and Juliet»

Actors will play a scene on the balcony from the famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare, which became a fundament for Konstantin Makovskyi’s eponymous artwork from the OFAM collection (First floor).

«Blind bandura player»

With the participation of Yana Mineva (First floor).


With the participation of students of the Odesa Music Academy named after Nezhdanova (First floor).

«Birth of sculpture»

Members of the dance group «Prostir» will show how sculptures are born from stone. The «nightmare» sculpture by Yosyp Marmone inspired them to do this performance (First floor).


Actors will play a scene about love, which could happen only in the Parisian cafe of the last century. This performance is based on the painting «Cafe» by the prominent Oleksandr Murashko (First floor).


We propose you guess the exhibit that we hid in a black box by touching it and then find it on one of the paintings in the OFAM collection (First floor).

Part 6. Additional joy

Our offer is not limited to all of the above. At your request, we are pleased to:

We will develop personal excursions of any topic and theme within the limits of an exposition of Odesa Fine Arts Museum (Price for the development of the tour: UAH 1,000, excursion service price - UAH 350 + an entrance ticket for each participant - UAH 100);

We offer excursions in English or French (the price will not change);

We will offer the entertaining program and master classes for children (Price: from UAH 1,500);

We can provide a spare room at the end of each tour for sharing, reflection, and exchange of impressions (rental price: UAH 1,400/30 minutes).